I'm Web & UI Designer. What I do?

Design and mockup

Project design and wireframing, starting from zero. I study every little detail of my works, I want to obtain always the best quality.


I translate the design into clean HTML/CSS code, for the best possible integration with programmers and developers. My favorite framework is Bootstrap.

Responsive Design

All of my projects are built to last: my interfaces are always mobile-ready, developed with a super light and responsive design.

UX flux

I think that taking care of the design also means studying the UX flux: I've gained experience on a lot of web platforms during years and I impose every interface to be easily accessible and intuitive.

Graphic Design

During a design development, graphic elements are on top of my priorities list. Icons, buttons, fonts and logotypes, as well as color codes and chromatic pairings.

Modern solutions

I always use cutting edge solutions in all of my projects: text icons, SVG element, full code animation and last updated framework are just some examples.


Some of my projects


Web, UX and Graphics

Assistente Stradale

Assistente Stradale

Web, Graphics and Mktg



Web, UX, Graphics and Mktg


Francesca Segantini

Web and UX

Filippo Maver

Filippo Maver

Web and Graphic

Filippo Maver story

Something about me

From basic html tags to responsive design

  • The beginning

    The first person who put me in contact with the computer world was my grandpa, passionated about information tech, who showed me how an Apple 2 worked when I was just 4 years old. At the age of 5, I got the GameBoy as a gift, and I understood that multimedia was my world.

  • The first approach

    I discovered the html at the age of 12, thanks to one of the first online games. In just two weeks of hard studying of elementary tags, I created my web page, at the time hosted on a free domain on Altervista. Since then I’ve always followed my passion for the web.

  • My studies

    After finishing an information tech high school, I’ve attended a class of Web Design and Advertisiment Graphics at the Nemo Academy in Florence, one of the best Italian academy of its sector. At the same time, I started my first projects ad a freelance.

  • My career

    I’ve started working for my real first customers at the age of 18, togheter with the graphic professional Francesca Segantini. Since then, I’ve worked as a freelance, collaborator or employee of several agencies, also becoming co-founder and lead designer for the project ShapeMe.

  • And I

Contact me

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